As part of our Making Space for Inclusive Arts series we sat down with Dartmoor based queer storyteller, artist, writer and poet Henry Everett. Henry is a member of South Devon’s Storytellers and for the festival curated an outstanding and ambitious storytelling programme, featuring 14 different events. Our digital comms coordinator Mariam spoke to Henry about his journey into storytelling and curating the storytelling programme for the festival.

Human imagination is such an extraordinary thing and how we inherit so much culture and understanding and language and relationality and kinship through our imagination… And that’s where story really resonates for me, because you can tell a story and know why you resonate with and love that story, ‘cuz for you… it could be fun, it could be silly. It could be one particular moment that just feels glorious or it could have like a moral arc or whatever that connects to you. But other people in a room of 20 will all take something different from that story. And I find it so fascinating that that’s what art does

Henry discusses his connections to Dartmoor, landscape and story making, pixies, starting South Devon Storytellers and shares a few stories along the way. As Henry is such an engaging storyteller we thought that this interview is best listened too!

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