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What the Flock bring you an evening’s entertainment at The Angel as part of Totnes Festival.

You are cordially invited to the wedding reception of Darren & Sharon…

Darren and Sharon met when they were 12 years old at the roller disco in Newton Abbot. Sharon got hubba bubba stuck in her hair which Darren cut out with his pen knife. It was a mess. They laughed alot. They were inseparable for years. Darren used to get into fights, so did Sharon but no one ever spoke about that. It was OK until Darren spent some time away from Devon with his Aunty in Manchester after stealing that car at The Grasshopper in Ashburton after another wild night out. Sharon’s Mum wouldn’t let them see each other again, she thought he was a wrong ‘un.
Darren came back to Devon and met Georgi, they fell in love and got married within two weeks of meeting. It didn’t last, it couldn’t have lasted the way they acted.
Sharon had left Devon and travelled for a while and worked on cruise liners, singing mostly but sometimes a magicians assistant.
It’s taken decades for these two to settle down and find one another again but they have and we’re delighted to invite you to their wedding reception. All welcome. Bring an open mind and a thirst for cocktails.

Age 18+

“What The Flock” are a motley crew, thrown together in friendship by their love of playful shenanigans. All have dabbled in performance, events and other creative endeavours, coming together her to bring you Wonky Wedding.

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