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What is truth, and what are lies? In a world of monsters and illusions, how do we tell the difference? Here are traditional stories to provoke your imagination and perhaps stir your conscience, served up with a dollop of humour and a dragon or two.

Age 14+.

About the Artists: 

Ronnie Conboy was brought up on tall tales and wild songs as the daughter of an Irishman in Wales. She discovered the world of storytelling in a dark forest at the Autumn equinox many years ago, and has been chasing tales ever since. Expect a cocktail of philosophy and mirth, chicanery and wonder, with a dash of the unexpected and an undercurrent of joy.

Lisa Schneidau is a Dartmoor-based storyteller who seeks out, and shares, traditional stories about the land and our complex relationship with it. Lisa is the author of Botanical Folk Tales of Britain and Ireland and its two companion books on woodlands and rivers. She runs South Devon Storytellers together with Ronnie Conboy, and also Dartmoor Storytellers. www.lisaschneidau.co.uk

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