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Patrice Naiambana – African Performing Artist/Writer

Ric White – Live Sound Design, Sax, Flute

This African Diaspora solo Performance with digital narrative explores the psychological pressures facing the African immigrant-storyteller. Skewered between the expectations from back home and the challenges of conformity in his new country, our traveller is confronted with difficult questions of allegiance: “Who am I becoming? What Do I stand for?” There is a peril in the un-becoming of being a person from ’here and there’. Will he survive by putting flesh on silences?

Patrice Naiambana is an African Performing Artist from Sierra Leone based in Devon. He was awarded a Fringe First for his solo show The Man Who Committed Thought and has worked extensively with the Royal Shakespeare Company, The National and The Globe. Recent TV/Film work includes It’s A Sin, Damsel, Black Ops, Traces. His favourite voice work includes the Lion on Tinga Tinga Tales and Luke in Nina and The Neurons. His passion is creating work in diverse environments: bringing Shakespeare to the elderly and long-term unemployed in Birmingham, to running creative development programs for artists and communities in Africa and Europe.

Ric White plays synthesisers, sound controllers, saxes and flutes. His musical background ranges from rock, jazz and free form improvisation. His current focus is on exploring the possibilities that come from electronics and, in particular the live manipulation of noise, frequency and time in a solo and ensemble setting.

“Patrice is able to give new visions on complex matters and while doing so creating an aha effect. He confronts but gives space to the audience for interpretation. He questions painful issues and sets me free. He is able to use his body language in relation to spoken words in a way which to me was mind blowing. And he is able to show in the utmost way on stage the meaning of the phrase that “imagination is Gods gift to make the act of self examination bearable”. – Patricia Kaersenhout -Visual Artist, Netherlands

Perception Gap has played at the Texas Museum of Modern Art and Volksbühne in Berlin.


Alongside the performance food will be available from Hanna’s Traditional Ethiopian pop up Food stall


Performance Tickets – £15

Food – £8

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