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In this free participatory evening, local author Malcolm Stern shares the powerful but simple practices set out in his highly recommended book: Slay your Dragons with Compassion. Having shared these practices in his therapeutic work with groups and 1:1 worldwide over the last 35 years, tonight is the first time Malcolm has presented his valuable work here in Totnes.

Come along to The Library and experience Malcolm’s insights first hand from 7-8:30ish and stay on for a discussion over a drink and some food from the Food Court in The Courtyard at The Mansion.

About the Author: 

Malcolm Stern was living his dream. As a highly respected psychotherapist, he is considered a world leader in championing spiritual development. As a Co-Founder of Alternatives, one of the leading workshop and lecture platform for innovative psycho-spiritual thinking he has hosted highly respected teachers and influencers like RD Laing, Ram Dass, Elizabeth Kubler-Ross and Thich Nhat Hanh. He was a man many have turned to for decades to find clarity in this world.

But his life story now includes the suicide of his own daughter Melissa. For decades he was a teacher, a guide, a sage, but faced with the loss of his child, he became the student. It took him years, but he has now put the story of love and loss to paper, telling us about the practices he has used in his own life to rebuild his resilience and well-being.  “Slay Your Dragons with Compassion” is an intimate look through the eyes of a man devastated by tragedy. A raw and confronting portrait of a man looking for answers to questions most of us are too scared to ask.
So powerful and helpful that it has gained recognition and endorsement by some of the worlds most respected voices in spiritual teachers.
Eckhart Tolle  says “Malcolm Stern’s invaluable book shows how unconditional acceptance and the power of awareness can help transcend suffering and brink about redemption and healing.”, Liz Gilbert, author of Eat Pray Love calls this book “an inspiration, a practical, yet infinitely humane, method of saving your own life from the darkness.” Jack Kornfield, one of the worlds most respected Buddhist teachers says, “filled with humane wisdom, that is both tender and compassionately tough, Malcolm shows us how to live with authenticity and a great heart”.

Through his pain and discovery, Stern learned ten key lessons as he navigated his despair and his own truths.

“Slay Your Dragons with Compassion” is not a “how-to” book. But it could be the most essential book anyone dealing with tragedy should read. What makes it so powerful and necessary in today’s world is that the greatest lessons come from Malcolm’s intimate relationship with the journey through suffering, and then his ability not just to teach, but more to share what he has discovered.

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