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In a world of strange silences and hidden anxieties two bereaved parents search for a better way to grieve

Jane Harris and Jimmy Edmonds’ son Josh died while travelling in SE Asia. As a way of honouring his memory, they set off on their own road trip across the USA to find out why, in a world where death will always make front page news, real life conversations about death, dying and bereavement are so problematic. Along the way they find other bereaved families with stories of grief that refuse social expectations about moving on or letting go.

A LOVE THAT NEVER DIES is unique in its story telling, a beautiful and poetic film full of insights and a raw honesty made possible only by the fact that both filmmakers and subjects share a common bond.  But neither give way to sentimentality or the morose. Instead, the film draws us in, past our own fears, to witness remarkable stories of survival – a mother’s attempted suicide, the love story of two parents who only met because of their loss, the struggle of a family who struggle to free themselves of blame for their son’s death.

In a culture that is still uneasy talking about death, dying and bereavement it gives a voice to grief in ways that will move and inspire.



‘A beautiful and important film, A Love That Never Dies speaks to the greatest form of loss imaginable’. Juliet Stevenson, CBE, Actress

“A most sensitive and profound portrayal of family bereavement” The Psychologist Magazine

“Beautifully made, poetic in its grace, deeply moving and inspiring”
Roger Graef, Documentary film maker

“At the heart of this film, lies a profound question about how our society deals with grief …. how can our society support and welcome the bereaved rather than reject them?” Alice Jolly (author)


Jimmy Edmonds is a Bafta award winning documentary film editor who has cut over 100 titles for BBC, Channel Four and other UK, European and US broadcasters.

“As a filmmaker, A Love That Never Dies have been the hardest project I’ve ever worked on. As a bereaved dad, it has probably saved my life”

Jane Harris is a psychological therapist.

“We wanted to give a voice to grief that not maudlin but full of hope and resilience”

Together they make films for the charity sector including Gerry’s Legacy for the Alzheimer’s Society and Say Their Name for The Compassionate Friends.  Their latest production BEYOND THE MASK, made entirely during lock down, explores many of the parallels between grief and the pandemic, isolation, mask wearing and a sense of time stopping.


A LOVE THAT NEVER DIES has been produced for THE GOOD GRIEF PROJECT, a UK based charity dedicated to an understanding of grief as an active and creative process. Our mission is to give a voice to the bereaved in a culture that often has difficulty talking openly about death, dying and bereavement. Along with its films and talks the charity has also developed a programme of ACTIVE GRIEF WEEKEND retreats designed to help the bereaved grieve creatively and in ways that are true to them

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