A festival was born...

The Totnes and Bridgetown Festival of Arts and Culture is an open platform, non-profit 10 day celebration of local and international performance art in the historic town of Totnes. It is an idea which has been in development and hibernation for some time, and now is the moment for it to come to fruition! We are delighted to showcase a combination of  carefully curated programmes at independent venues across the town combined with new and exciting outdoor shows and a festival parade on Sunday 21st August.

The 2022 festival focuses on themes of place and belonging to explore what ‘Totnes’ and ‘Bridgetown’ mean to the community. On a community level, the festival aims to nurture social inclusion and build a strong sense of place.

The parade and procession represent the culmination of the festival programme and all of the workshops and events taking place in the run up to the festival. There will be multiple opportunities for residents to be involved in the parade planning process and we will facilitate open info sessions, making workshops and rehearsals that are open to the community. These will be free of charge and held in accessible venues. Head to the parade page for more info on this.

We are proud to welcome Shakespeares Globe on their UK tour and international artist, Rasha Nahas, alongside bespoke performances and workshops by local groups and artists taking place across Totnes and Bridgetown. Everyone is encouraged to take part: as participants, audiences, volunteers, stewards or performers.

Our aims are:

  • Cultural exchange: between different communities within Totnes, Bridgetown and further afield.
  • Community engagement: with organisations and individuals to build a programme celebrating creative diversity.
  • Creative dynamism: putting Totnes on the map as a place of creative excellence, daring and innovation.

The 2022 festival is produced by NDP Circus with support from Totnes Town Council, South Hams District Council and Visit Totnes.

If you would like to be involved or collaborate with us, please contact info@totnesfestival.co.uk

Have questions? Get in touch!